Squidoo Tier Payouts

Squidoo Tier Payouts for September
Tier 1- $12.24
Tier 2- $2.08
Tier 3- $0.10

Squidoo is a website that allows users or “lensmasters” to create content in the form of a single page or “lens”. It’s a great gateway for people who are new to making money online.

If this is all like another language to you check out Squidoo.com Explained. After reading that you’ll know whether this platform is right for you. You can always come back to “How Much Money” later.

Here we can see the past history for Squidoo’s tier payment history. Most of you will be familiar with this. For those who aren’t skip down below for an explanation of the Tier system.

The Tier system is just one of the ways to make money from Squidoo. It’s also the easiest to measure. As everyone sees the same results.

The calculations Squidoo uses to determine what tier your “lens” falls into is a guarded secret but I’ll share with you what we do know. Everyday the rank of your Lens is re-calculated. It changes based on the amount of traffic and interaction it saw the day before. A brand new lens will start at somewhere around rank 300,000. Without some meddling to send traffic to it right away it will stay around that rank until Google and other search engines pick it up and start sending people to it. Views, Click outs, affiliate sales and other factors will all help the lens obtain a better rank. In this case you want the rank to go down. Rank 1 being the best possible rank.

At the end of the month your average rank for that lens or page is calculated and depending on where you land you could be eligible for a Tier Payout. (Charted Above)

Tier 3 applies to lenses that ranked under 85,000 but above 10,000.
Tier 2 applies to lenses ranked under 10,000 but above 2000
Tier 1 applies to lenses ranked under 2000

If you want to sign up right now you can Click Here
Squidoo is really good at walking people through the start up phase. If you have any questions you can leave them below.


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